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Academic Editing Service

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academic editing service

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Academic Editing and Critical Evaluation

It's a rewarding feeling to finish a piece of academic work, whether it's an assignment, essay, dissertation or a journal paper! However, ask yourself: does it really come up to scratch and pay for all the time and effort you may have invested in it?

That is a very unfair question! In reality, the text often reads as you believe it reads and not as it appears to someone else. There is a major difference between the two viewpoints and you are usually too caught up in the work to be able to offer an independent and impartial opinion on it. Only an academic editor can do so. While not providing a judgement on the academic quality of your work (in other words, what mark it is likely to receive), an academic editor will identify issues that you simply can't spot but which will undermine your prospects of gaining as high a mark as possible. This critical evaluation should also normally incorporate proofreading.

In writing a paper of reasonably good intellectual standard, non-native English speakers (often referred to as ESL or "English as a second language") encounter an added difficulty - coping with the complex rules of the English language. Poor spelling, incorrect vocabulary and bad grammar can make it very difficult for a tutor or examiner to grasp the main argument being put forward. This normally leads to a lower mark being awarded, even for a good piece of work. The latter point applies to all work, not merely that of ESL students.

Therefore, in carrying out a critical evaluation of the overall stature of your work, our academic editors will address the following areas:

  • Structure: are all required sections present?
  • Word count: this is not always a straightforward matter!
  • Weighting: one or more sections may contain too much or too little text, based on normal academic practice
  • Vague or contradictory arguments and repetition of argument
  • Quotes and statistics not supported by a reference
  • Flow: does the argument develop logically and easily?
  • Quality of sources used: in particular, are too many of non-academic origin?
  • Failure to adhere to or incorrect use of the referencing style required
  • Mismatch between in-text citations/footnotes and the reference list: if this occurs, your essay will contain indirect plagiarism - which is a serious matter
  • Failure to abide by publisher's 'Requirements for Authors'
  • Inconsistent use of tense: especially when referring to the work of others
  • Long sentences, with many subordinate clauses: this makes mediocre work worse.
  • Punctuation, grammar and syntax
  • Layout: different fonts, font size and formatting
  • Spelling: in particular American v British English

How does it work?

  • The editor makes changes, revisions and comments to your document using the "Track Changes" feature in MS Word
  • You receive both the corrected document - to accept or decline any changes and address comments and suggestions made - and a "clean" version of the text.
  • The editor's suggestions and corrections will not only improve the piece of work in question but benefit your future writing. Paying for an expert academic editor can raise the quality and appearance of your work, and provide every opportunity for a higher grade or for a journal paper to be accepted.

 You also get:

  • Free Referencing & Bibliography
  • Free 7 Days Amendments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Delivered on time guarantee
  • Free of Plagiarism
  • Guaranteed to never re-use or sell your work
  • We'll even purchase electronic books up to £50 our writers cannot locate to help complete your work