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1. What services do we provide?

Custom Essay Writing Service What exactly does Study Aid Essays do?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceStudy Aid Essays is an Custom Essay Writing Service with the sole objective of boosting students’ academic success. We provide tailored academic solutions, which range from model custom essays, dissertations, reports and literature reviews.

Our work should be not be passed off as your own and is in no way intended to cheat your university .

Custom Essay Writing ServiceWhy are we the best choice for you?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWe take your education seriously and feel that our actions will speak louder than our words. We understand the value of recruiting the very best writers, which is why we only hire UK PhD's. This means they understand the UK education system and its high standards. Study Aid Essays also provides our assignments at affordable prices, unlike some of our competitors who take extremely high commission rates. Our affordable prices are a bold reinforcement of our ethics and our desire to help students across the UK.

Additionally, we recognise the need to improve our industry’s repuation and quality. Unlike other Custom Essay Writing Services, we always ensure that our work is assessed by an expert in the specific field of study. This insures that our clients get quality work! All our academic writers produce work written from scratch and we can ensure that it is 100% plagiarism free.

Our in-house scanners check every document for plagiarism. Our work is plagiarism free to ensure we have provided you with a tailored solution, and not so that you can pass on our work as your own.

Custom Essay Writing ServiceHow do our services work for students?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceYou may place an order online or call our customer assistance team during our office hours and they will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. You will need to provide us with your specific requirements. We will meticulously handpick the most suitable expert with the appropriate qualifications and experience for your assignment and inform them of your specifications. Your personal academic writer will get to work once we have taken payment.

We will complete your work by your provided deadline. It is a good idea to set your deadline with us earlier than your official deadline. If time does not pemmit, please note that all our work is delivered by 11.59pm on the date you have chosen.

Custom Essay Writing ServiceDo you have academic writers and researchers that are well-versed in all subjects?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceYes. We currently have a large number of high quality academic researchers and writers with experience writing on all subjects, as well as in all majors or minors. For unusual orders or extremely complex orders we are confident we can find a researcher and writer within 24 hours.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceCan you guarantee that I will be happy with the work I receive?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceTo be sure that you are satisfied with our service you will be offered a 7 day free amendment period for essays (14 days for dissertations). All we ask is for is some information detailing what aspects of the work you are unhappy with and what specifically you want to alter or change. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

2. Our Guarantees

Custom Essay Writing Service What grade guarantees can you offer?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWe gaurantee the quality of our work or your monet back. We strive to deliver work to the standard you have ordered. Please note we do not guarantee grades if you use our custom essay writing service illegitmiately. Many custom essay writing services "gurantee grades". This is unethical and also it is an outright lie because it is impossible to do. Different universities and different lecturers can all mark and grade the same paper differently so please be weary of such promises. They are just trying to take your money. If you do not get your grade requested by such custom essay writing services they will point to their T&C's that they gurantee it "in-house". Such unethical practise is likley to mean you are dealing with unprofessional firm. Again, our custom essay writing service papers should be used as guides to help you write your own work.

Our clients use our custom essay writing service on average 3-5 times a year, decide to do a masters knowing we are there to help them and this is sufficient proof that the quality of our work is second to none.

Custom Essay Writing ServiceHow can I be sure the work I will receive will not be plagiarised from any other source?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWe pride ourselves on delivering the quality service our clients have come to expect and without a doubt take plagiarism and its consequences very seriously. We ensure your work is plagiarism free by thoroughly scanning it before delivery.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceIs this service confidential?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWe will never ask for the name or locality of your university or institution, and only our customer service personnel will know your name. Your details are never disclosed to your academic writer and we will never re-sell, re-use or publish any written material we supply to you. Furthermore, your details are never disclosed to third parties or marketing firms- ever. We take your privacy very seriously.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceDoes my university have to know that I have hired your company?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceThis is decision that you will have to make. Using our service is 100% legal and it is no different than reading a journal, book or article in the library or online. Study Aid Essays stipulates that our services are to be used purely as a guide and as inspiration to assist you with tackling your assignments yourself, not to be handed it. We in no way condone or encourage cheating.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWhat if you cannot find a writer for the project?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceIn the extreme case that we cannot find an appropriate researcher to undertake your written assignment we will notify you and provide you with a full refund.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWhat if my work arrives late?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceIt won't! We have in-built mechanisms to ensure timely delivery and quality control.

3.Our Experts

Custom Essay Writing Service Who are your writers and what makes them different from the writers of other essay writing companies?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWe recruit graduates, tutors and PhD candidates from the top UK universities. We understand that in order to obtain the very best writing skills we need to properly compensate and reward our writers for their valuable time. This is why we pay our writers the best flat rates in the industry. To further showcase our dedication to their skills, we also pay the best enhancement rates. Our writers receive a 40% uplift if a client wishes to re-use their services and a further 10% uplift for positive feedback. We ensure we get the best writers to deliver the best work through fair payment practices!
Custom Essay Writing ServiceWhy do your academic writers choose to work for your company over others?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceThere are many reasons why the UK’s best academic writers work for us. Recent graduates often find that working for us is a good opportunity to profit from their skills. Many students undertaking post-graduate courses also find essay writing to be both a lucrative and flexible way to support themselves and their studies. We offer great flat rates and incentive programs that keep the best writers in the industry working for us.

4.Payment and Ordering Information

Custom Essay Writing Service How can I go about placing an order for your services?
Custom Essay Writing ServicePlacing an order is fast and easy. In fact, it can be performed in less than 60 seconds! To place an order, simply visit our website’s ordering page. Then follow the four simple steps for placing an order for an assignment. Your order will then be processed by the customer service team who will send you a quotation along with our payment details.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceHow can I pay for my order?
Custom Essay Writing Service

You can pay via PayPal using the link. 99% of our clients prefer to pay directly into our Barclays business account which is free. Unfortunately there is an additional 6% payment processing charge with PayPal. Once we have taken payment we will begin.

Please remember to quote your order number as a reference when making a bank transfer.

Please do check your spam folder for our quotation email and mark it as not spam. This will ensure that when you deliver your work to you it does not end up in your junk/spam folder.

5.Cheating and Plagiarism

Custom Essay Writing Service Is your service completely legal?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceOur service is 100% legal. Using Study Aid Essays to help boost your grade is no different to using any book, article, journal or question-and-answer book.

Study Aid Essays is the trading name of Deckchair Research Ltd., and is registered with Companies House (Companies House No. 7717842). We conform to all UK legislations and our clients can rest assured that our service does not in anyway infringe UK Law.

Custom Essay Writing ServiceIs this service a form of cheating?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceNo. Using our services does not make you a cheater. Please see our Grade Gaurantees and Information about services already mentioned above.


Custom Essay Writing Service How will your service deliver my work to me?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceYour work can be downloaded by logging into your account via our website and clicking the ‘Download’ tab. For convenience we will also email you upon completion with the work attached.
Custom Essay Writing ServiceHow long does it take your service to complete my assignments?
Custom Essay Writing ServiceStandard delivery for work is 7 days (not including Sundays) from the time payment has been taken. All work will be downloadable on your account page and emailed to you by 12 noon. This applies to all orders with speedier delivery times; excluding Next Day 9am orders.

Next Day Orders must be placed before 6pm the previous day. If you require any assistance simply contact our customer support team and they will be happy to assist you.


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