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We do not aim to be the cheapest - we aim to be the best! Our writers are rigorously tested and are under constant review, ensuring the highest quality and expertise.

We specialise in facilitating high speed learning for British and overseas students studying in the UK. As a genuine provider of 1st and 2:1 essays we can cater to all your needs - any subject.

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Proofreading: is it worth the money?

"Proofreading: that's easy - anyone can do it! And what's the point when you have spellcheck?" If only things were that straightforward!

With an essay or indeed any kind of publication, trusting your own eyes or the spellchecker alone is very bad practice. Writers cannot see the wood for the trees and make a fatal mistake - reading it as they want to see it and not as others do. Everyone makes mistakes and can easily miss very obvious errors that a different pair of eyes identifies right away.!

Text that has been polished by a critical but sympathetic editor looks the part and creates a good impression. Your essay, dissertation, report, research proposal or business case will cost you much more through failing or being marked down for poor presentation than you would have paid for an experienced proofreader to ensure that it followed, as a minimum, the basic rules of grammar, syntax and punctuation.!

The standard test a good proofreader will apply is that, after editing, any text should make basic sense to a lay person. Common errors or problems that often occur in essays, dissertations, reports, texts and publications that have been edited by our experienced proofreaders include:!

  • Use of jargon or slang
  • Overuse of one or two verbs
  • Tautology
  • Vague terminology
  • Inconsistent use of fonts, font size and headings
  • Missing or incomplete footnotes and endnotes
  • Failure to apply referencing styles correctly
  • A mismatch between UK and USA English; and
  • The incorrect use of idioms (often an issue for non-native speakers of English).
The best editors take pride in presenting work that reads and looks well, while retaining the client's individual style. Therefore, entrusting your work to an experienced proofreader will ensure that you do yourself justice.

Paying that little extra up front often saves money and time later, through the rigorous examination our proofreading service will offer.

 You also get:

  • Free Referencing & Bibliography
  • Free 7 Days Amendments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Delivered on time guarantee
  • Free of Plagiarism
  • Guaranteed to never re-use or sell your work
  • We'll even purchase electronic books up to £50 our writers cannot locate to help complete your work