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Fraud and Scams

Scam sites are out to rip off innocent students. Don’t be their next victim. Always use a genuine UK writing service. Please read our guide on how to spot fake essay companies that give the industry a bad name!

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We understand it has become a difficult undertaking for you to pick a suitable custom essay site to help you with your custom essay. As the demand for these services increase, internet pirates (scam sites) largely from the USA and third world countries are marauding cyber seas looking to make a quick buck.

Scam sites are out to rip off innocent students. Don’t be their next victim. As an experienced provider of genuine custom essays it is our duty to educate you on how to spot these scam artists and protect your pockets!

Always use a genuine UK writing service.

  • UK companies are subject to UK law
  • UK companies can be sued in the UK courts
  • You have a greater ‘comeback' against UK companies if anything goes wrong is a trading name of Deckchair Research Ltd, and is subject to UK Law and UK courts.

 Top things to look out for

1. Company No. All genuine UK companies have a company number which you could check on the Company’s House website. If it has not been clearly disclosed, then this is a red flag that you could be dealing with a naughty pirate!

Get into contact with them and ask for their company details. If they do not cooperate with this harmless request then know you’ve found a pirate!

2. UK phone number A genuine custom essay writing service from the UK will have a genuine UK phone number. Give them a call. Is there an international dialling tone? Does the service agent speak poor English? If so, there’s a good chance they are not from the UK.

3. UK registered Bank Account If you are unsure about a custom writing essay service then ask them to provide their UK bank account number and sort code.

If you wish to be extra vigilant (and so you should), deposit a few pence and ask them to confirm the amount. is a trading name of Deckchair Research Ltd.

4. If their prices are too good to be true ...then they are! While aim to be the best and not the cheapest, you can usually tell a non genuine UK writing company by the prices they quote you for their work.

All genuine UK companies have to pay for staff, advertising, office space, business rates, etc. If a company paid its writers more than 30% then it is unlikely they will make a profit. Do the maths and ask yourself, would you complete this work for 30%? Would a professional academic? If you feel that the answer is no, then you should be weary, as you’ve found another scam site.


Study Aid Essays (part of Deckchair Research Ltd.,) is legitimate provider of custom essays, dissertations, coursework and law services.

We have a zero tolerance policy for fraud. Any fraudulent orders are always published on our website so that they may be picked up by scanners and to allow other students to benefit from the assignment.

Any fraudulent purchases are immediately emailed to 123 UK universities.

Credit card fraud can carry up to a 14 year prison sentence and we have successfully prosecuted numerous individuals.