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Your dissertation can account for up to 20% of your degree marks which makes it critical you do well. If English is your second language, you are running out of time, or just simply overwhelmed then let our talented writers help you!

We are a genuine and affordable provider of 1st Class & 2:1 essays - helping you establish a competitive edge in tomorrows world.

dissertation proposal writing services

 Dissertation Writing Service

Writing a dissertation is tough.  Your dissertation will test your abilities to educate yourself; gather and analyse information, and to conclude your very own findings. The difference between your dissertation and other assignments you have done up to this point is that you are all alone… a scary thought.

It doesn’t get easier if English is not your native tongue, your running out of time or if you missed large chunks of the year due to mitigating circumstances.

It becomes near IMPOSSIBLE if you enjoy an active social life while at the pinnacle of your youth! Ah, to be young again…

You might enjoy drinking coffee but surely you don’t enjoy staying up for many nights stressing over your dissertation?

Determined to start your dissertation and find yourself on Facebook? (Don’t lie, that’s why you landed here!)

Guess what… you do not have to be alone… and you’re not!

  • What if writing a dissertation was made easier, despite English not being your native language?
  • What if you could free up large chunks of time?
  • What if you could lower stress?
  • What if your dissertation can be delivered looking like the final version ready to impress your examiner?

 What if you could secure a 2:1 or a 1st?

... Well you can! We know exactly what your examiner is looking for and where marks are awarded or lost! Thousands of students from leading universities are getting this extra assistance. When ordering from us you can expect:

  • A bespoke dissertation matching your exact requirements
  • Your own account manager
  • A talented academic holding a minimum 2:1 UK degree with great customer incentives will dedicate their time fully to writing your assignment from scratch
  • Your work will be plagiarism free and scanned by in-house plagiarism software
  • Our dissertation writing service is fully confidential!
  • An after care unit (all of which have OCD’s – the best people to review work) will ensure your requirements have been met so you are ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll at the SU!

Use our model essay like you would use any other academic journal or book and you won’t be cheating! They are the best guides in the industry demonstrating how a Distinction/1st class dissertation should be written, tailored to your exact essay title and needs! For more information please click here.

Studyaidessays.co.uk is a confidential and specialist undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation writing service for both British and international students studying in the United Kingdom.

We know what it takes to impress your examiner and where the main marks are awarded and lost. A brief overview:

 Relevance and quality of background reading

Whatever subject you are tackling, there will always be experts and publications on your topic area. Your examiner will be looking to see if you have discovered the main ones relevant to you and whether you have processed and understood what has been written. We only select specialists in your subject field, ensuring academic awareness of the debates and issues surrounding your topic area.

 Clarity of research question

The clarity of your research question is vital to delivering a high grading dissertation. It is important that your aims are clear, not just to you but in your writing. The aims and research that stem from your research question make up the foundation of your dissertation. The examiner should be able to relate your writing back to your research question consistently throughout your work. Our academic writers know how to keep large dissertations on track ensuring your examiner doesn’t miss anything when skim reading and looking for relevant supportive arguments.

 Research Methods for data collection and the use of research methods

Selecting the appropriate method of collecting and analysing data is important. You will be marked on your discussion of the methods available to you and inevitably the choice you have made. You will also be marked on how well you have understood and executed the rules and procedures of the selected method.

Our writers are experts at gathering primary research and data using software such as SPSS. Your writer can develop data collection methods such as questionnaires and interview questions and make data collection simple. When receiving your data for your research, we can compute a thorough analysis via SPSS providing essential validation to your research findings.

 Solidarity of argument to support findings and conclusions

The strength of your conclusion will be weighed up by the strength of the evidence provided. Your arguments will be dissected in light of how strong a case you put forward and how well your research supports your final viewpoint(s).

 Writing Quality of referencing

You don’t need me to tell you this, but what the heck! Dissertations are the ultimately based on the research of other writers and experts in your field. Referencing is paramount to achieving a high quality grade, and marks are always allocated to the quality and presentation of your referencing! This is bread and butter for our expert writers waiting to help you.

 And Finally... Quality of writing

Your ability to communicate your findings in the form of the written word is paramount to getting the highest mark. It is essential that your dissertation maintains a clear organizational structure and clarity throughout.

Being coherent, consistent and clear is key! You will be rewarded if you have made it easy for your examiner to follow your line of reasoning and arguments put forward.

All our writers hold a minimum 1st class degree. If your completing a post graduate dissertation, then we will only use a writer with the appropriate qualifications, i.e. a PhD candidate.

 Order your tailored part or full dissertation and you will get:

  • Distinction/Merit standard of work delivered first time
  • 100% Original work written from scratch
  • Delivered on time
  • Plagiarism Free
  • Free 7 day amendments (16 for dissertations... obviously right?)
  • Confidential Service
  • Free Referencing & Bibliography
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 16 AMAZING Guarantees

A lot of our clientele are honest students needing a helping hand. They tend to be:

  • In a jam and only have two typing hands and one brain... SUCKS!
  • They highly value their education
  • Are struggling to structure their dissertation to hit gold!
  • English is their second language
  • They have missed large chunks of the academic year due mitigated circumstances

The difference in salary when obtaining a 2.1 and a 1st is averaging @ £500,000 over a life time...

So what you waiting for? Are you ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll in 3 easy steps?

Ready to secure your competitive edge in the job market? PUT YOUR COFFEE DOWN!

  1. Fill in our order form for a free non-obligation quote within 30 minutes!
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Please note: You can pay for your dissertation in part by providing us with a deposit of 60%. The final payment  can be made following completion when the work is 100% to your satisfaction.

 We can even help you with:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Critiquing & Marking
  • Dissertation Proposals
  • Custom Essays
  • Literature Reviews
  • Exam notes (when the dog has eaten yours!)
dissertation proposal writing services     dissertation proposal writing services

 You also get:

  • Free Referencing & Bibliography
  • Free 7 Days Amendments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Delivered on time guarantee
  • Free of Plagiarism
  • Guaranteed to never re-use or sell your work
  • We’ll even purchase electronic books up to £50 our writers cannot locate to help complete your work