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We are dedicated in helping British and overseas students with their assignments, essays and dissertations. Our specialist PhD service is provided by high calibre professors with vast experience in helping editing and proofreading papers for PhD candidates.

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PhD Literature Reviews

PhD Writing Service

The purpose of a PhD literature review is to present a large number of related sources and assess how each of those sources functions to establish the theoretical foundation for your work. Most students have never attempted to write this type of project before and may struggle with synthesising all of this material in a proper fashion.

  • High calibre and excellent formatted literature reviews
  • Select the best sources
  • Use of the necessary amount of sources (200-500)
  • Full references (MML, Oxford, Harvard, CMS etc)
  • Full bibliography
  • Free Referencing
  • Free Quality Report
PhD Services   PhD Services

Methodology & Analysis for PhDs

PhD Thesis Help

We can help with arguable the trickiest aspect of a PhD thesis. Our experts are on hand to help you build the platform from which your thesis’ conclusions will be judged and can help design parametric or non-parametric tests.

Parametric tests:

  • Regressions
  • Multiple variables
  • Explanatory variable interaction analysing
  • Ensuring the statistical model is valid
  • Choosing the right model and the correct experimental

Non-parametric tests:

  • Mann-Whitney tests
  • Chi-squared contingency tests
  • Kruskal-Wallis tests
  • Friedman’s tests
PhD Services   PhD Services

PhD Chapters

PhD Dissertation Essay Help

Need help on individual chapters? We can tailor to your exact needs and help with any aspect of your dissertation, such us:

  • Title pages
  • Abstracts
  • Content pages
  • Introductions
  • Hypothesis/objectives/ aims pages
  • Literature reviews
  • Methodology and analysis pages
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion pages
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices
PhD Services   PhD Services

Complete PhDs

PhD Paper Writing Service

Need help completing your PhD? We can ensure that your PhD thesis is written to publishable standard,helping you juggle work and study.

Our complete PhD service:

  • Extensive Primary Research
  • 200 to 500 academic sources
  • 95% of which are non-internet sources
  • Covering all chapters ( abstract, content pages, introduction, Hypothesis/objectives /aims, Literature Review, Methodology & Analysis, Recommendations, conclusions, bibliography & appendices.
  • Range of statistical data analysis regression, ANOVAS, Mann-Whitney tests, Chi-squared contingency tests, Friedman’s test and more
PhD Services   PhD Services

 You also get:

  • Free Referencing & Bibliography
  • Free 7 Days Amendments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Delivered on time guarantee
  • Free of Plagiarism
  • Guaranteed to never re-use or sell your work
  • We’ll even purchase electronic books up to £50 our writers cannot locate to help complete your work