Dentistry deals with the problems and diseases that occur in teeth, gums and surrounding bones and soft tissues. This is a highly specialised branch of medicine which has undergone serious changes in the last decades due to the introduction of new dental materials and development of novel reconstructive surgical approaches. Writing a good essay would inevitably involve a literature research in the recent peer-reviewed publications. Appropriate publication databases should be searched for relevant articles and reviews. Usual web search is unlikely to produce a comprehensive overview of existing body of knowledge since these days many scientific articles are simply not available in the free access. Particular accent should be made on finding and reviewing high-quality data such as systematic reviews and the results of randomised clinical trials.

Clear well-defined structure with logical and coherent flow of information is critically important. Your essay should tell a “story”, which would include basic well-established facts, recent findings and inventions and relevant scientific theories. Lots of new findings published these days are aimed at improving the quality and longevity of dental restorations and improving the patients satisfaction.

Reviewing up-to-date information would help to demonstrate not only your ability to learn the things taught at the classes but also to research and interpret new data. The latter is the most important skill for any independent researcher and something that, in the short terms, would bring you excellent marks.

Modern dentistry significantly benefited from the introduction of new implant systems based on the process of osseointegration. This, essentially, allows to create “new teeth” and thus replace the classical approaches to prosthetic dental surgery based on the use of bridges and removable restorations. Materials used in dental clinics these days also changed significantly in recent years. As a result, new dental fillings last longer and look more natural compared to those commonly used only few years ago. Fast pace of developments in dentistry means that proper literature research for your essay should focus on the most resent publications and reviews.

Research data and examples selected for essay should follow the logics of your essay. They should be not just relevant, but arranged in an order that helps to illustrate the right points at the right time. This would make the essay easily readable and understandable. Ability to communicate your thought clearly is always one of the points your essay will be marked for.

Obviously, the structure, depth and complexity of essay depend on the particular task at hands. The requirements for short undergraduate work and postgraduate dissertation are very different. But the major “selling” points mentioned above are always highly appreciated.