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There are a number of reasons for this trust, and for why our service differs considerably from that of our competitors.

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When deadlines are looming and you haven’t even begun your essay, it can feel like a daunting task to complete even the shortest piece of work. If you are hung over or burning the midnight oil with a gallon of coffee, writing essays can seem like a real pain, and stop you doing something more fun; like sleeping!! Zzz..

The industry by nature is rather peculiar, and not least the characters it attracts. Is this service legal? Isn’t it cheating? What are the ethical implications?

I remember ordering my paper for the first time in my final year. I was pretty exhausted after completing my dissertation within 3 weeks, along with countless other essays. I got to the point where I had no energy to complete my remaining two assignments and needed a short break before I could prepare for my exams (Sell exam notes).

An essay service saved my skin. If you want to maximise your time, energy and productivity a model essay is for you.

It is legal, it isn’t cheating and there are no ethical implications.

Please take time to read my short story.

A. K. - Service was great and my paper was even better! Will definitely be requesting your help next year!

I ordered two papers from two different companies.

After receiving my first essay I dissected the argument, drew from the research and conclusions and expanded my knowledge. As I disagreed quite strongly with the essays premise I compiled my own research and within a few hours of selective research I had a full essay plan.

On the second day I wrote my essay from start to finish, using the 1st blue print for my own success. It usually takes me a good solid week to write a top class essay, and possibly an addition week of revisions.

My lecturer gave me some advice having read my work (it’s never perfect) and I was able to take away from the meeting that it was good enough. Unfortunately they never tell you the grade damn it). I then submitted it. 2 months later, I got my results – A 1st .

Get a free non-obligation quote in 30 minutes

A genuine writing agency can save you time and get you the results. Did I cheat? Certainly not. What are the ethical implications for getting ahead? It’s no different than reading spark notes. If your submitting the essay as is, then hey, you don’t need me to tell you that’s wrong. Not every student is the same and not all students will pay handsomely for a guide, but that’s their prerogative, I cannot stop them. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t happen, but that’s their choice. If I sell you a gun, is it my fault you killed someone?

Using a genuine writing company is no different than using a summary book like spark notes – saving you the time by not reading the actual book. Is it cheating, to have all the key points and themes summarized?

But wait, don’t part with your money just yet or you can find yourself in trouble. Peculiar people are drawn into peculiar industry, and unfortunately for the industry itself it has become stigmatized. What happened to that second essay?

Well I decided to spread my eggs and purchased my second paper from a cheaper alternative. A simple google search will find millions of sites offering the service.

Every time I called them I was always put through to sales, and never to anyone who could tell me where my essay was. I was told to send an email to the writers department. I eventually got a reply the next day that my essay will be with me tonight. Night time comes, but my essay doesn’t.

S. S. - Quote arrived in 15 minutes and the work was delivered on time and to standard – cant ask for any more! Thank you very much!

I send another email and I get another reply saying my essay will be with me today. I also noticed that the level of English from the sender seemed...poor.

Evening comes and my essay arrives in my mail box. Great. Not so great:

  • The language was terrible as it was written by an ESL writer (English as a Second Language, an industry term)
  • It was barely a 2:2
  • It had no cohesive structure
  • It didn’t flow
  • And was quite clearly not written by anyone even holding a degree in my subject matter

I then thought of running it through write check. 68% Plagiarism detected. All my emails were ignored and my number blocked from calling them. £150 down the drain and an additional £255 to get the job done properly from the first company. It really does pay to avoid the cheapest option.

I’m going to share with you what I learnt having ordered essays for myself and having researched and entered the industry in my third year of university before becoming a genuine limited company in 2011.

Please note, that I share this information as a guide, no matter who you decide to use in the market place. You will be well informed on the pitfalls and dangers, and make your buying experience less stressful and avoid utter loss. I’ll get to convincing you to use us shortly.

H. L. - The essay, the writer, and the service was excellent. Special thanks to Michael for a great experience!

I learn that...

It’s hard to find a reputable company. I actually got lucky, and when I returned to the second company for the second time, they also didn’t live up to their pre-set standards.

There are only a very few reputable companies out there. Google today shows millions of results for genuine custom essay writing services. There aren’t millions of experts, especially based in the UK. And the few that there are will unlikely be the ones writing your essay.

Many websites are set up to make a quick buck and are often not even from the United Kingdom.

They offer very competitive but quite frankly, unrealistic prices when you take into account quality. Quite often than not, their work is outsource to India, Pakistan & Kenya. It’s very rare for their English to be great, and even if it was, they have virtually no understanding of the academic system in the UK.

Get a free non-obligation quote in 30 minutes

I get email’s every year from such writers asking for writing positions. I stopped being polite and stopped responding.

The reason our service is genuine is because:

  • We are a genuine company based and registered in England & Wales (Company number, address)
  • We do not outsource our work abroad to ESL (English as a Second Language) writers which is why our prices are not as low as others you will find online.
  • We contract writers who hold a PhD and Masters in your subject field.
  • We have never in 3 years of operation delivered plagiarised work.

We rely heavily on word of mouth and repeat business. Many of our clients who find us late wish they found us earlier in their year or programme. Those who were fortunate to find us early use us all year round and find us a great asset to help them achieve academically.

M. R. - Thank you thank you thank you! After missing half of my academic year I came from behind and got a 2:1 thanks to your help. Amazing!

Spotting the fake: Domain names

Now it is not always easy to spot a company that is not from the UK. A domain name does not mean they are registered or based here. Please seek the company’s company number and address. IF THEIR SITE DOESN'T DISPLAY IT ANYWHERE THEN AVOID AT ALL COST.

The Price

As an industry standard, writer’s usually get paid anywhere from 28-40% of the order price. I know I’ve scouted them all out.

We pay 60%...

So if you find a 10,000 word 2.1 dissertation for £500 then once again, AVOID AT ALL COST!

K. W. - Excellent paper! I don’t know what I would have done without your help! Thanks again!

No writer with expertise will spend a minimum of 2 solid weeks researching, planning and writing your essay for less than around £700, not to mention clients request for changes.

And no real agency will commission the job due to its over heads.

Genuine essay companies have to pay for premises, staff, advertising, website maintenance and recruitment while offering a level of service befitting of a bespoke essay.

There is a positive correlation of quality and writer’s fee, and ultimately, the price.

Get a free non-obligation quote in 30 minutes

Your education is serious, do not mess around with it. Receiving a paper riddled with plagiarism and of low quality is of no use to you. Unfortunately, students being students leave things rather late and there is little help you can a day before your submission when your paper is a disaster. Use a genuine essay company, use us!

We always deliver your paper on time.

A. K. - Service was great and my paper was even better! Will definitely be requesting your help next year!